For more than 125 years, Holy Angels Catholic School has been proud to be the educational, moral and spiritual foundation to more than 10,000 Chicagoland children.
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Have you ever thought about our educational funding priorities in the United States; comparing the amount of money and resources spent on students who attend college versus the amount of money and resources spent on an elementary education? Where do you think we spend the most money? If the answer is college, then perhaps we should ask, “Do we have it backwards?”

If you answered “elementary school”, I can assure you that’s not the correct answer. Perhaps a more engaging question might be, “What is more important to a child’s success in life: elementary school or college?” I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. I don't think college is any more important than elementary school, and neither is more important than High School; bottom line, they’re all important. However, I will tell you this, we spend far more money at the collegiate level then we do on children in any elementary school. This is contrary to the fact, recognized by many educational experts, that the first three years in elementary school are perhaps the most critical in determining a child’s success. In fact, those first three years play a huge role in student success in school and also in the student’s success for life. Those first three years are the most underfunded of any in his or her educational career.

Letter from the Principal

My name is Douglas Pearson, and I consider myself blessed to be the current Holy Angels Catholic School Principal. I would wager that your success as an adult can be attributed to the wonderful years you spent here at Holy Angels Catholic School. Many of the HACS Alumni I meet tell me those formative years with us at this school were the most important, and the most memorable. These experiences, and your expectations for what you could accomplish, started here. I want to see this tradition and success continue. I want to make you a part of continuing that tradition and fostering that legacy.

We easily have more than 7,500 potential alumni members; more than most elementary school alumni associations in the United States. That potential and valuable resource for the school is largely untapped. Let’s change that right now!

There are a few of us who are making a concerted effort to reach out to all of our graduate students to become members of the HACS Alumni Association. That effort starts with you. You were given an opportunity to be a part of this school all those years ago; an opportunity today many students do not have.

What I'm asking from you right now, is for you to STEP UP and take the opportunity to give back that which you received. I am asking you to STEP UP and join the HACS Alumni Association and find a way to lend us a hand in time, talent, or treasure. That first STEP UP is contacting your Holy Angels Catholic School Alumni Association President, Mr. Lance Wright, class of 1985. We will be making a strong effort to reach out through you and with you to form a viable and strong association. Our goal at this time is to create a nucleus of dedicated individuals who can contribute to our success and make a difference.


Douglas Pearson

Holy Angels Alumni Meeting Minutes

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